Rack Options


This page is about rack options for the Norther Klickitat.


We do offer custom racks for Norther Klickitat frames!

They’re made out of a mixture of 5/16th 4130 cromo seamless aircraft tubing, with 3/8th upper tubes on the lowriders for the Pannier hooks, and special laser cut rack tabs.

Custom racks must be ordered at the time you order your Klickitat, or at least before we take them to Powder.

We make our custom racks in three pieces: a handlebar bag rack with a pair of detachable lowrides. The handlebar bag rack has an integrated headlight mound built in, just low and tucked out of the way enough not to be a problem.

The lowriders have all the bolt heads tucked out of the way so that they won’t rub holes in your bags. They use the same length and size bolts for every mounting point.

Custom Racks:

Front handlebar bag rack


Front rack+detachable low-riders for panniers


*Powder coated the same color as your frame included in the price, or any custom color for an additional $145.

*We can have your racks chromed for $400.


Other Good options include racks from Velo Orange and Rene Herse cycles.


The Cantilever version of the Velo Orange Randonneur Front Rack, or Campeur Front Rack are both good options and we have them in stock and would be happy to sell them to you, and pre install them for you too, if you like! Same goes for the Velo Orange Campeur Rear Rack if you must have a rear rack (we recommend front loads only).

I’ll do a future blog post on how to best fit the Velo Orange Randonneur Front Rack, so keep an eye out for that. Until then here a few photos of the Velo Orange rack on David B’s Klickitat. Notice how the upper stay is bent just so to attach the rack to the fork crown without interfering with the brake’s straddle cable.

The Rene Herse UD-2 Cantilever Front Rack should be a good fit as well. Although we haven’t used one on a Klickitat just yet.


*Sorry, we’re unaware of any good options for lowriders that are light, stiff, and fit well or at all… Other than our custom made to order ones.