Norther Lyon Tips and Tricks


tips and tricks page is to share information and how-to’s

Tips and tricks and how-to’s on how to install or service parts specific to the Norther Lyon. But this info will probably be pretty handy for people working on other bikes as well.

I’ll add little photo essays on how to install the Rene Herse tail light (even though all bikes will come with them pre-installed). Photo essays how to’s on how to install the dynamo wire for fender mounted tail lights, stem shims for 1 1/8 stems to the 1in steer tube.

How to install the decals:

The first few batches shipped before the decals were ready so I thought a helpful how to section on how to install the decals could be found useful. Same goes if you get your bike repainted or just want to freshen up the look with some new replacement decals someday.

Start with a lint free paper towel and some rubbing alcohol. wipe down the tubes where you are going to apply the decals. Get all the dust and dirt and grease and fingerprint oils off.

You might find it easier to move any parts out of the way such as the front brake cable and the down tube shift cables.

I recommend washing your hands and trying not to get your fingers on the sticky side of the decals as they will pull your finger prints and you will always have a little bit of your finger prints under the decal. But also it’s custom and yours and it’s sort of cool to have your own personal touch on the bike.


The lyon head tube decal is pretty self explanatory. Just sort of line it up in about the center of the head tube. Rub it on good to get any air bubbles out so it looks better.


The seat tube number badge is pretty similarly self explanatory. put it on the seat tube just a little bit below the top tube. Try and line it up straight and centered and not touch the sticky side to much.


The down tube decal is just a hair trickier. Start by rubbing all the letters pretty good to make sure they stick to the top “transfer” paper. This is the side you can sort of see through with the two lines on it.

Next peel the transfer paper off the backing making sure the decal sticks to it and comes off all in one piece.


Next line up the center of the two lines on the center of the down tube. I usually eyeball the water bottle boss between the two lines. Try and center the decal between the upper water bottle boss and the shifter bosses to give it a centered look. Just barely stick the lower edge of the decal onto the down tube. Carefully line up the upper edge of the decal to the down tube so that the tow lines run up and down the down tube straight and centered.


From the center of decal at the two lines rub up and down the tube slowly going farther and farther away from the center. Make sure there are no bubbles or folds as you go. We’re trying to smooth out the decal and get it to lay evenly. I usually do one side at a time.

Once the whole decal is all flat and rubbed onto the down tube I like to go over each letter and rub it on too. We’re trying to make sure the decals stick to the down tube better than they do to the transfer paper!

Now it’s time to pull up the transfer paper. Start at one corner and slowly and carefully pull it up checking to make sure it’s letting go of the decal. If it doesn’t, push it back down and rub on it some more to get the decal to stick to the tube. Slowly keep going from one corner down the whole bottom and pull the whole side up towards the top. I like the two lines to be the last part of the transfer paper to stick to the top tube. Again do one side at a time.

Once the transfer paper is all pealed up to the top just finish pealing it off the top tube and your done! Bikes decaled and all done. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. It’s a hand-built bike, it’s not supposed to look like a robot did it in a factory overseas somewhere. Worst case you can hit me up and for $10 I’ll mail you some more decals.


Now Your Norther Lyon is HOT!