Custom Work Pricing and Ordering


What we do:

Build custom classically inspired bicycle frames, forks, racks, and stems from 4130 Cro-mo special tubing.

We also modify vintage high end, cool high-ish end and other builders’ handmade bikes.


Hand-crafted, custom frames.

*Proven seat and head tube angles for the application, and custom sizing to fit your proportions.

*Fender eyelets, rack mounts, pump peg, water bottle mounts, shifter bosses, cable guides, and brake mounts. *Extra braze ons, and hand carved or vintage lugs available.

*Complete build kits and service available and preferred! Bikes come out better if we make sure all the components will fit the frame, are compatible, and will work well for the intended use.




Custom Frames:

Simple road or track


Randonneur, touring, porter or city bike


*All prices include a fork, standard .8.5.8 mixed tube set in standard size, with standard braze ons, and a single-color powder coat with decal and head badge.

*Upgrade fork for internal dynamo wire routing +$50 (small reinforced holes)

*Upgrade frame for Connector-less Sl dynamo hub $250

*Upgrade to Compass dynamo tail light $250 (braze on and reinforced exit hole on the down tube, price includes the Compass taillight and install! Size 54 and larger frames only)

*Upgrade to custom, premium or ultra-light tubing available $+

*Upgrade Hard mounted center pull upgrade for Paul, Compass or Mafacs $100

*Upgrade to disk brakes $200

*Upgrade to special canti bosses for Rene Herse brake $50

* Upgrade to premium liquid paint from Black Magic paint $600+

*Upgrade to custom, hand-carved/modified, or vintage lugs available $300+


Custom Forks:

Simple road or track




Disk forks



Custom Racks:

Front handlebar bag rack


Detachable lowriders to an existing rack


Front rack+detachable low-riders for panniers


Demi Porter front rack


Demi Porter front rack with detachable low-riders for panniers


"Mule" style detachable low-riders for panniers


Custom porter rack


Rear rack


 *Wiring guides, custom shapes, fences and features are extra based on complexity and can double the price.

*All prices are for raw/bare metal, chrome and/or powder coating are extra.

*Powder coating is typically $145 per rack/rack set.

*We have a Chrome plating place we use for racks, stems and decaleurs. We charge $150 extra for the extra prep involved: plugging vent holes, sanding and polishing pre-chrome. The Chromer typically charges about $200-300 per batch. (So a stem will cost you $200, but rack and a stem will probably only cost about the same $200). You can have your racks powder coated too, for about $80, same color as your frame at the same time, or $145 if you’re not getting a frame or for a different color than you’re using on your frame.


Custom Decaleur:

$199 +

*See the notes under racks for details and prices on chrome or powder coating.


 Custom Stem:

Custom quill stem


Custom threadless stem


*See the notes under racks for details and prices on chrome or powder coating.


Additional Braze ons and Modifications:

Pair of small braze ons/bosses


(Rack, fender, bottle, cable stops, shifter bosses, pump pegs, dynamo wiring guides)

Small individual braze on/boss


(Rack, cable stop, pump peg)

Cantilever brake bosses


(Per wheel, includes removing and cleaning up your old ones)

Rear disk tab and brace


(We will not add disk tabs to forks not designed for disk brakes. Includes removing and cleaning up your old brake bosses)

Hard mount studs for Paul, Compass or Mafac


(Per wheel, includes removing and cleaning up your old brake bosses)


Compass dynamo tail light


(Price includes the Compass taillight and install!)

Modified Lezyne pump


(includes modified pump in choice of black or silver!)

Internal wiring for brake housing


(stainless or reinforced brass sleeve through top tube)

Replace/install bridge


(add $25 for a threaded fender eyelet)

Replace derailleur hanger


Install /replace drop out


Install /replace pair of drop outs


*$100 minimum

*Sorry our neighbors, as well as our lungs hate burning paint fumes so it’s $25 extra per braze on if you haven’t had your paint removed first, minimum $100.

*Normal labor rates apply to remove, and or re-install components/accessories before we can do modifications on your frame.


Full overhaul with paint/powder coat prep:

$299 (single speeds)

$399 (geared bikes)

*Components only, accessories are extra including fenders, lights, and racks. See Repair and Service Labor menu for specific costs. 


full paint/powder coat prep package:


*Includes everything needed to prep your frame to be built up, except cutting new steer tube threads, from the A la cart section below

*This is needed with most new frames, and all powder coated frames. Sometimes newly painted frames, or other used frames, (this is already included free of charge with all our handmade frames). 


A la carte frame prep:

Ream and face head tube


Cut and face crown race


Chase and face bottom bracket threads


(English only)

Ream and hone seat tube


(27.2 only)


Chase steerer threads


Cut new steerer threads


(first inch, $25 each additional inch)

Tap boss or eye threads


(first one, $5 each additional)


Frame alignment:

Align fork


(Add $35 to remove and reinstall on bike)

Simple align and re-space rear triangle


Align dropouts


Align rear derailleur hanger


 Step by Step Custom Ordering Guide:

You let us know you want. Preferably being as detailed as possible: frame size, wheel and tire size, what brakes you want, tubes and lugs if possible any dream parts, want’s and needs, intended riding style all that good jazz. Then we’ll email you back and try and figure out how to make it happen and probably break your heart a little with some sizing or compatibility issues. Email, works great because i can send you links, or picks of something we’ve done similarly, and vise versa:, is best, but walking into the shop works well too.

If it’s something we would like to build and you survive the sticker shock of the estimate, and the reality of compatibility issues and our time frame, you get to put down a deposit, and get into our Que. This holds your spot and saves your price, and often orders your tubes, and little frame building bits.

When your turn comes, we talk again to make sure you still want the same things, have the same ideas about fit and style. Then we hit you up for another deposit. (Just to warn you any changes past this point adds $$$ per change. Depending on how much time/work we have to scrap, undo, or re-do.)

The work gets done, custom frames, forks, racks gets built and finished and  picked up or shipped off to paint, or chrome!

At this point you will pay any remaining balance. We don't do paint or chrome work and take no responsibility on the wait or quality of the painter or chromer you choose. We do have painters and chromers we work with and get good to excellent results from. And we’re happy to share them with you. 

At this point you either take possession, or it comes back to us for final clean up and assembly. We usually hit you up again for a deposit for all your parts. When it's done we let you know and You pay any remaining balance on the parts/accessories and shipping fees and get your bike, rack,  fork or what not!

All work has a handshake warranty. This means I will fix anything that goes wrong due to my workmanship for a reasonable amount of time tbd by me. Customer satisfaction is paramount and I will do what it takes to keep you happy and keep you as a customer. We’ve yet to ever have a single issue with our frame building work failing, but things happen and all builders have had to repair something in their career. Mechanical work on the other hand is a balancing act. Things come out of adjustment, cables stretch a tiny bit and shifting stops working perfectly. It happens once in a while and I will do little adjustments whenever needed for free for at least thirty days (if you’re local). After that standard rates off our labor menu apply, in theory. Often i can’t bare to have something not right or charge to fix it on one of our babies.