The Norther Lyon Ultra Light 650B Randonneur Frame Set


The Idea Behind a Future Classic

The Norther Lyon is a true ultra light, steel is real, low trail 650B Randonneur bike, with all the boxes checked and every detail painstakingly scrutinized over.

They’re built in small batches by the custom bike builders Jeff Lyon then finished off by Mark Simmons and StarMichael Bowman of Norther Cycles.

It’s a silly inexpensive, (for what you get), ode to Jan Heine and his thoughts and reviews in Bicycle Quarterly, Jeff's 44+ years of frame building experience, and a little of our touch mixed in too. They’re made with a custom mixture of extra light 7.4.7 premium quality tubes from True Temper, Kaisei, Tange and Reynolds, with an 8.5.8 down tube mixed in for the best flex and performance “planing” characteristics. (Tubes are measured in tenths of a millimeter, so very thin light tubes!) Fork’s all have the Kaisei super supple "Toei Special" fork blades and the super light, (hollow), and elegant Compass 54mm fork crown.

They’re made in small batches of 4-8 frames at a time. Each batch is usually one or two sizes, and about 8-10 batches are made each year. Each frame is brazed together with small shockingly smooth raw “no file fillets” by the amazing Jeff Lyon. Forks are fully silver brazed with a “lugged” crown by Jeff as well.

Then we go about adding the bridges and all the braze on options.

After triple checks it’s off to CC Coatings for color.

Once done we pick them up and do all the pre-build prep so you don’t have to. This means we run a tap through every thread, and cutting tools over every face and bearing surface to make sure Bottom Brackets, Headsets and every bolt will fit and install just how they should.

Once prepped most people have us do full builds or at least install the hard stuff like, headsets, bottom brackets, dynamo wiring and often fenders. We also pre install any “Upgraded” parts you buy from us, such as Rene Herse brakes, or taillight. Then we pack and ship them to you or you can pick them up here!

The Norther Lyon is a built to order frame set. So unless you put in a deposit for one, ones probably not getting made for you. We wish we had all the extra time and money to build extras and stock pile them, but we don’t. These are on offer for a limited time only as Jeff is in his 70’s and 1/2 retired. We recommend putting in a deposit sooner than later to make sure you don’t miss out. That being said we do a few extra from time to time. Please see our In Stock Norther Lyon frames page in our shop section for detail on what’s available now.

*Norther Lyon Ultra Light Rando frames are so light and “springy” in order to “plane” that we're recommending a “maximum” rider weight of right around 180lbs-ish, (this is only a recommendation not a law, or exact science, we're not cops, do what you think is right for you). If you’re over the weight we also make a slightly stouter frame set called the Klickitat, and soon a disk low trail rando bike, we also do custom built to order frames as well if you're looking for something similar but a bit more refined.


Stock Braze ons, and Upgrades:

The Norther Lyon comes with a standard set of specifications, with options available for a few select things we know many people will want. The Upgrades include modifying the frame with special braze ons. Parts and installation labor are extra. We price match Rene Herse cycles prices for all products they sell and would prefer and encourage you to buy them through us and have us pre-install them.

For example; choosing the special Rene Herse Cantilever brake options includes cantilever brake bosses with the first 2-3mm of threads removed to work with their special bolts). We specifically braze them onto the frame and fork in the ideal higher location and width apart for the Rene Herse Cantilever brakes. We don’t modify the studs for stock/standard canti brakes and like to place them much lower to best fit most Shimano and Paul cantilever brakes.



  • Cantilever brake bosses for standard Cantilever brakes.

  • Double rack/fender eyes on the front drop outs, as well as mid fork barrels for fender and lowrider front racks. 

  • Two reinforced holes on the drive side fork blade for running the dynamo wiring internally, (All dynamo hubs are designed to have the wire attach on the right/drive side so we place the wire guides on the right/drive side, even though many racks only have the light mount on the wrong/left/non-drive side. (Some newer Son Dynamo hubs can be run on the left side for left hand/non drive wire routing. If you are planning on using one of these special hubs let us know and we can move the wiring guides to the left hand side. Read all about it here.)

  • The fork comes standard with a 1in threadless steer tube and a custom under the Crown boss for M-6 x 12mm bolt (included). (Lets you mount the front fender without having to use a Daruma or L bracket and at the exact height for perfect fender line (very trick!).



  • The frame comes with standard cantilever brake bosses.

  • Two sets of water bottle cage bosses: one on the down tube and one on the seat tube.

  • Traditional down tube Shift bosses (these will work with any down tube shifters or bolt on cable stops/barrel adjusters for bar ends or brifters/integrated brake/shift levers.

  • Three split cable stops: two on the left side of the top tube for the rear brake and one on the chain stay for the rear derailleur.

  • A single rear fender eye on each rear drop out for fenders.

  • A reinforced hole on the under side of the down tube up by the head tube, and a hole in the bottom bracket shell for internal dynamo wire routing for rear fender mounted dynamo tail lights.

  • The bottom bracket shell will be drilled and tapped for a replaceable cable guide (included).

  • The seat binder lug is designed for a single M-6 x 20mm bolt (included).


Base Price:

Frame+Fork & your choice of color: $2,000


Optional Upgrades:

Rene Herse Cantilever brake upgrade: $60 (Specially modified cantilever brake bosses placed in the optimal position for Rene Herse Cantilever brakes).

Rene Herse Hard Mount Center pull Brakes: $200 (Trades out the cantilever bosses for specially made Rene Herse direct mount studs for their center pull brakes. Frames upgraded to hard mount studs will come with Compass braze ons for the Compass CP1 front rack).

1in Threaded steer tube: $100 (Trades out the threadless steer tube for a threaded steer tube for classic style Quill stems.)

Seat tube mounted Rene Herse dynamo taillight: $60 (Adds the special Rene Herse seat tube mount braze on for their superior taillight. Sorry size 54 and larger frames only.)

Frame Pump: $60 (Two pump pegs on the non drive seat stay for our Modified Lezyne frame pump.)

Third set of water bottle bosses: $60 (Add a set of bottle bosses on the underside of the down tube above the Bottom Bracket shell.

*All prices are for the braze on upgrades only, parts and installation labor are extra.


Order Process:

Pick your size, options and color.

Then let us know: you can write it all down and mail it to us with a check for your deposit via snail mail (preferred). Or you can purchase it through the Pre-Order/Payment for the Norther Lyon section of our website.

First deposit is a minimum of $500, but you can pay up to the full price of $2,000 + optional upgrades, and a deposits for components and accessories if you like. First deposit must be paid at the time of the order. This starts your paper work and holds your spot in the next batch. Batches with deposits get made sooner, so get your order in to get things moving.

Once your batch is up next we will need a second deposit of a minimum of $500 (if you haven’t already paid in full).

It’s typically 30-90 days from the day Jeff starts your batch, and all the way through the process, and back from powder and cleaned up and ready to ship.

When they’re back and cleaned up and ready to pack and ship we’ll want any remaining balance.

If you’re buying additional parts and having us do partial or full builds we’ll need an additional deposit of at least half the cost of the parts and accessories. And as early in the process as possible! This way we can order your parts and make sure they’re available in stock and sitting here ready for your bike. (It’s a bummer to have a whole project held up over some small little part being out of stock or becoming discontinued or just plain unavailable forever).

Then we’ll build it up ASAP.

Next we’ll box it up and get you a shipping+handling+insurance price through, (Shipping, Handling and insurance is typically between $150 to $250 in the lower 48 states, depending on distance and weight; whether it’s a full or partial build, East or West Coast).

Once paid off it goes right in the mail and arrives at your place so you can finish building it up or start ridding!

*Powder coating is the biggest variable, it’s usually only 2 weeks, but sometimes can be longer, just depends on how busy they are…

Please, see all the other pages above for all the details.

Please email me with any questions at


Order yours today! Pre-payments or down payments.

You can order online, but we'd strongly prefer if you mailed us a check! (Made out to, Norther Cycles and shipped to 5515 N Albina Ave Portland OR 97217). Please include your size, color, and upgrade options.

Thanks for your interest!