Design Your own Class!

People are always asking me about classes! I hate saying no so we are now officially offering classes. Anything we specialize in we're willing to offer a class on.

As of now classes are informal. We are not a school and offer no degrees or certificates, all class are for your enrichment only.


How it works:

Is there something you'd like to do yourself and learn from us? This can be anything from learning all the tips and tricks for avoiding/repairing flats all the way up to completely overhauling your existing bike. We're even willing to teach you how to design and braze up your own frame/fork/rack (this would be broken up into series of several specialty classes). Or, anything in-between. Maybe you just want to understand how a rear derailleur works and how to set one up correctly. We can do a whole class tailored to your needs covering theory, compatibility, and hands on installation and tuning including all the pro tips and tricks.

Classes will be taught one on one, or two on one if you want to bring a friend. This sort of heavy technical hands on classes are best taught this way so you can get the most out of it.



Classes will typically be taught after hours, in one to four hour sessions. We do this so that we can work around people's work schedules, and keep me focused on you instead of distracted by other customers. 

Larger classes such as complete bike builds, frame building, or rack building will need to be in a series. Classes in  series will be broken up into sections.

For example a frame building class could be broken up into 25 two to four hour classes. The first class would involve fit theory, body measuring, and identifying what type of bike would work best for you and your needs. The second class would then be on frame design, technical drawing and materials theory/and souring. The next class would be on basic, tube mitering, brazing theory and practice. After that each class will focus on one area of frame design, mitering and fitting with the end result of leaving you a completed and done part of the whole frame. Such as raking the fork blades, fitting, brazing, and cleaning up a fork drop out to the fork blade, then the next class would be prepping mitering and brazing the fork blades to the crown. The next class would then be brazing on the brake, and rack bosses to the new fork and cleaning them up, and aligning the complete fork so it's ready to be painted and installed. 

As another example a class in rebuilding your bike from the ground up would involve a class on build theory, intended use and planing the new build. The next class would be to strip the bike to the bare frame and fork and carefully sort and save all the parts to be reused and choose all the correct and compatible parts for the new build. The next class would include frame prep and alignment as well as order of operations for building the bike back up with all the major components and installing the major components. The last class would be cabling the bike and all the fine tuning. If old bearing assemblies are to be saved there could be a class on bearing theory and overhauling. The same goes for fenders.


Class Pricing:

Pricing will be $100 per hour, or class, a non-refundable deposit will be paid at time of scheduling. 

While scheduling we can give you a break down of all classes and hours required to meet your goal. This can change based on students learning needs, or life getting in the way. A four class series could quickly turn into 6 classes or only 2 classes based on the students ability to pick things up and absorb what's being taught.

The best way to schedule classes would be in a repetitive fashion such as Monday -Friday 6pm to 7pm, or every Wed from 4pm to 8pm. Or any block of time that would work best for you.

*Materials such as parts and accessories are extra. Students will be given a deal on materials up to 25% off components and accessories during class for class projects. In the case of a full overhaul this can easily make the class cheaper than just having the bike in for the service and be way more fun!

Email me at for questions or to schedule a consultation or classes.

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