NOS 105 Group:



The New Old Stock 105 “9 speed generation” group is one of our favorite groups. It gets used on the majority of our builds because of it’s beauty, affordability, and quality.

This generation of 105 components were still made in Japan, unlike most much more expensive, lower quality and uglier offerings available new today.

Rear Hub:

The rear hub is still a real tradition “loose ball” cup and cone hub. Easy to service and grease and replace the bearing just like any vintage hub.

Notice the elegant “small barrel,” the chrome lock nuts and alloy spacers.

The cassette body is made from steel so you can use any cassette you like. It has the traditional spacing used from 8 speed through 10 speed. So any 8-10 speed cassette will fit (*excluding Campagnolo). 7 speed cassettes will fit with the addition of a 4 mm spacer.


Notice the all anodized alloy or chrome steel construction of the derailleurs. No plastic or ugly painted black cages here.

Front derailleur:

The body is alloy and the cage is chromed steel. They work well with road rings and we’ve had no problem using them with compact doubles or even friction shifted triples.

They are used with a braze on adapter clamp that we also have and offer in black or silver and in all common tube sizes.

Rear derailleur:

The rear derailleurs come in two lengths, short and “GS” or medium. The shorts are best for very compact cassettes such as 11-25, where the GS is designed for 11-27 cassettes, but will usually work with an 11-28 (more common size).

*Note: this group came in two logo colors, blue with yellow, or black. What we have is what we have so we can’t guarantee matching logos. For example all the 32 hole rear hubs we have have the blue and yellow logo, while all the 36 hole hubs have the black logo.

Matching the group:

We like matching up this 105 group with a Shutter Percision dynamo front hub, Velo Orange Grand Cru 50.4 Crankset, Shimano 8 or 9 speed down tube shifters and using them with matching speed KMC chain and Sram or Shimano cassette.