Norther lyon Batch Updates


This page is a place for me to update you all to the most current goings on with batches. What batch is being worked on now, what size batch is next, and where we are in the process.

Latest News:

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Right now is the best time to put in an order!

We’ve finished the brazing on the current batch of 56 & 58 cm frames. Just waiting on Powder Coating and then we’ll get them out.

Jeff is ready to go on the next batch and no spots have been filled yet. This means NO WAIT times, drop you deposit and we’ll get started on your frame today!!!! Spots tend to fill up fast once the batch has started and people know there will be no wait.

Just pick your steer tube, any optional upgrades you might want and your color and we’ll get them done asap! Please see the other pages in this Norther Lyon folder for all the details and descriptions of the options.

In other news:

We have a In Stock page in our Shop section listing the available frames and prices if you want to order one right now!

We have two 49/50cm Lyon’s in house! Neither is spoken for, so if you would like to be the first to get one hit us up! One is threadless and one is threaded for a quill stem, otherwise they’re identical. Both are raw straight from Jeff and ready for you to pick your options and color!

Check these fun pics out. Broke out the scale too!

We also have an extra 54cm with a threadless steer tube, and every upgrade that’s unspoken for! Hit us up now and pick your color, otherwise we’re going to take it in and pick a color and hang it up as a frame set in the shop for sale.

Lastly we have a 60cm with threadless fork in the standard size tubes. It’s sitting in the raw with ready for whatever option you want and color you choose!