Norther lyon Batch Updates


This page is a place for me to update you all to the most current goings on with batches. What batch is being worked on now, what size batch is next, and where we are in the process. This way you don’t have to email me every week.

Latest News:

The 54cm batch has arrived and we’re already at it adding bridges and braze ons.

We do currently have an extra 54cm with a threadless steer tube, that’s unspoken for!

Next batch will be 49cm, then it looks like back to our two most popular sizes, the 58cm and then the 52cm again. Get your deposits in to dictate the next batch size!

There are 4 spots in the 49cm batch. 3 spots in the 58cm batch, and 4 in the 52cm batch.

Batches fill super fast once they start, put your deposit in now to make sure you get in!

We’re all caught up on the current 58cm batch and the last one was picked up Sat June 1st.

Art is done and decals have arrived! The last few 58cm have full decal sets, “head badge”, hand numbered seat tube “tubing decal” and down tube logo.

All future bikes will have them applied before shipping, and everyone that got their bike before the decals were ready should be receiving them in the mail any day!

I’ll add a little instructions photo essay to the Tips And Tricks page this week.