Custom Bicycle Questionnaire

If you're considering ordering a custom bike from us this is the place to start!

The purpose of filling this form out is to get you thinking about what you want your new bike to do and where you want it to take you! This way we can work with you to put together the perfect bike for your needs. As you’re going through this sometimes the answers will come fast and easy to you, and other times you might not have an answer at all. Only fill out as much as you can and we’ll help you work through the rest. We're full of answers and a dizzying amount of options and opinions, so this is a great starting place so we don't inundate you with everything all at once. Lets tackle all the questions and variables one at a time. 

If while filling out this form you realize that a full custom bike might be more than you need or want check out of page on Semi-Custom bikes, and Semi Custom questionnaire.

Name *
What is your price range for a custom bike? *
If it will complement your current collection, please tell us a little about your current collection and how it doesn't fully meet your needs.

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this form and tell us about the bikes you like and what you're looking for. We'll look it over and get an idea of why you're looking for and what we think would serve you best and get back to you with some ideas and options.