Build Photos & Testimonials


This page is for build photos and quotes from Klickitat owners.

Below are a few screen shots I grabbed off of dhpflaumer Instagram. He’s literally ridding the wheels off this thing all over Road Island! You should give him a follow to see all the adventures and what he has to say about his adventures with his Klickitat named Bichael!


The O.G. Mark’s prototype and personal Klickitat!


These Photos taken at the former Velo Cult Shop by Anthony. They’re of Mark’s personal Klickitat. Above was the first build up, below it sits in the buff before deciding on the color.


Below Lana decided to do the Rapha Prestige ride on Marks Klickitat so we gave it a face lift for her. Changes include drop bars, integrated brake/shift levers a zero set back seat post and racer type saddle. The fenders were also removed and 48mm tires were installed.


Bill M’s Klickitat build.

Bill Loved test riding Mark’s Klickitat and went for a very similar set up, with some subtle differences; such as alloy hammered fenders instead of brass, compact double cranks instead of a triple, Rivet saddle instead of Brooks, Sun XCD derailleurs with a big 11-34 tooth cassette and the new B&M IQxs headlight. And, a custom rear rack to match the custom Klickitat front rack with detachable lowriders!

Bill tells us how much he loves this bike all the time, he recently sent me an email containing these kind words about the bike:

“It feels awesome like I have it setup right now and I've been riding the shit out of it.”

“As for loving the bike, I really do. As you know I came back to riding via an ebike, and I tow my dog around all the time in a cart. I'd initially thought that this was going to be too much of a slog at my age, on a non-ebike, but have found myself gravitating to the klickitat literally 6 days a week. It's just so much more fun, I barely touch the VO e-bike anymore.”

“There's something incredibly lively about this bike, even when towing 60lbs. I don't know if its the tubes or what, but its a joy to ride and that's not hyperbole. It's like big goofy smile joy.”

These kinds of quotes were exactly what we’re going for with the Klickitat!