Build Photos & Testimonials

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This page is for photos and reviews of Norther Lyons, some builds I’ve done for customers, and the photos and thoughts customers have sent me about their Norther Lyons! Hopefully we’ll always be adding some neat pictures and videos here!

Please send me your ride photos and your thoughts on your Norther Lyon and I’ll share them here and on our instagram. Thanks!

Check out this great review video from Path Less Pedaled’s You Tube channel. We think it’s a great review, but what’s even better is that they keep mentioning and comparing and contrasting the Norther Lyon to other bikes in their next few videos: Are Custom Bikes Worth It, and Most Supple Upgrades.

Just took a 55 mile shakedown ride. I love the bike—it’s everything I hoped it would be and then some! —Even E.

Just took a 55 mile shakedown ride. I love the bike—it’s everything I hoped it would be and then some! —Even E.

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Here's mine.  The ride is really, really nice.  My "old" bike was a Stag with one of Jeff's forks.  By comparison this bike feels stiffer in the rear and snappier up front.  It really takes off.  I've got about 1k miles on it so far.  Front bag is too short with the stem as is--I hurt my neck recently and have had to raise the bars while I'm healing.—Even E.


New ride. Thanks @northercycles for making rando-dreams come true! —William T.

Having now put over 3000km on my 58cm Norther-Lyon, I can very confidently say this is the best performing bike I have ever owned. The bike feels light and responsive, eagerly responding to my pedal stroke, and rewards a quick, smooth spin. I have experienced the phenomenon of “planing” on other machines, but this is the first bike I have ridden where that sensation feels easily and consistently accessible for me. Even when I am in the granny gear spinning up a steep pitch after hours in the saddle, the bike feels like it is working with me, not wasting my energy, or brutalizing my cartilage. Overall, the Norther-Lyon just feels like it wants to go, enticing me to push harder and go further, making a true joy to ride!
The handling is excellent—whether my bar bag is almost empty, or stuffed to the brim, the exact feel might be a little different, but always predictable. Fast, twisting descents are great fun, as the bike carves into corners, readily responding to steering input without ever feeling twitchy. I have had no issues with shimmy.
The bike has almost everything I would request in a full custom machine at a nicely reduced cost. Aesthetically speaking, the bike is gorgeous without being overly precious. Jeff Lyon’s no-file fillets are very clean, the chainstays are beautifully formed to maximize tire/fender clearance, and the “French-flick” of the fork blades is all grace and elegance. StarMichael’s was thoughtful and well-executed, and has performing solidly and reliably. To top it off, the customer service was attentive genuine, and I’m really proud to support such a fantastic and local operation.


“A few from last night’s lunar 275K. Clouds obscured any views of the mountain I was hoping for, but seeing the valleys between the foothills bathed in the moon’s argent glow held its own magic. My bike felt like a rocketship carving down the mountainside.” —Taylor T.


The Norther Lyon on Kink River Rd (Alaska). On a 200k ride. Awesome machine! —Ted T.

Ted T was just in the shop while on a visit to Portland and let told us he’s already done a few series on it with well over 3,000 miles and loving it!


300 miles on the bike and having loads of fun with it despite the chilly temperatures. It gets a lot of compliments! —Doug H

450 miles and liking it more every day. —Doug H


“I have about 2,000 miles on mine now, and am loving the versatility of riding both paved surfaces and dirt/gravel on one bike.

The bike has 42 mm Babyshoe Pass tires, hub generator, Honsho fenders set up for rinko travel (thank you Starmichael), Edelux headlight/Rene Herse tail light and a USB port in the headset.

Is it as fast as my 700c bike? No. With the fenders, generator, bag, Berthoud saddle, etc. it weighs 8 pounds more and has more frontal drag. That said, I still take it out with the boys on our town's Wednesday evening ride. I just have to work harder to stay with the group, especially on the hills.

Comparing Strava records for my two bikes, on solo rides the Norther Lyon seems to 'cost' about 1.5 mph. I'm finding this a very reasonable trade-off for the option of riding on all surfaces, stopping at the grocery to throw a few items in the bag, riding at night, etc. Even though I live on the opposite side of the country from Norther Cycles, having Starmichael build the bike worked out very well. He took the time to build up a beautiful bike that has exceeded my expectations.” —Doug H.


Here’s some shots of my bike. I’ve got almost 100 miles on it now and really love it. So smooth!!!! —Craig C