We're Like Internet Famous Or Something....

One of the best things that came out of the 2015 Hop Works Bike and Beer fest was getting a cool internet blogger to do a tiny little piece on us and take some great photos of our show bike. He had nothing bike nice things to say about us too in his post.

Here's how it went down:

So there we are drinking beer and talking shit at the bike show, and this guy comes up to us and says something like, "nice bike," and asks just a few low key questions about it, and then asks if he can take it for some pics.

We're like, "sure I guess, why no,." and then he walks away with it. I said to Mark, man I hope he brings it back."

"Did you see the camera he has, it's worth more than the bike," Mark said real cool and relaxed like, "it will be fine."

The dude brings our show bike back and says thanks and I'm like, "dang man, I bet those pictures turn out way way way better than the ones I take with my phone." (Also, yes, all the photos on this site are taken with my janky phone.)

"Yeah, sure," he said. Then he asked our names and shook our hands and walked away. Only then did Mark let me know he was The Radavist!

I've never been mentioned on one of my favorite bike blogs before, so you know, I kind of felt like gushing a little bit.

Any ways enjoy the pics!

Also notice if you will our amazing drunken headbadge sketch made it onto the official poster for the show. They were a little worried about it, but in the end we run what we brung!