We've been hiding. Well not hiding, but not really viable. It's been almost a year in our new shop and we figured it was finally time to let people know we are here and a full service shop. The best way of doing this seemed like painting!

It's been 100 degrees for a few weeks and with that everyone is staying in doors or out at the river. No one is on the streets or stopping in for any bike service so we figured why not paint now on what would normally be a busy Saturday! So we called our friend Judy up, grabbed Brian of STOIC WHEELS and hit the paint store and got the whole thing done in a few hours!

We speckled in some some black over the mortar, then laid on some brick red over the old bricks and some grey over pretty much everything else.

We added some planters and Jasmine too thanks to the lovely people over at SOLABEE FLOWERS.

I'm sure we'll update it some more, as I'm planing on making some custom lattice work for the Jasmine to climb!

So if you're ridding down the street and notice the shop stop by and say hi. We're also in the proces of getting our beer permit, so soon you can stop by and get a drink as well as a quick fix, tube, patch kit or whatever else your bike needs!