Custom Bags and Words of Wisdom: Ruth Works SF

I love handlebar bags, and have been on the lookout for for just the right bag for our custom bikes for some years now.

There are a lot of great custom bag makers out there, more than you would think, and we love a lot of what they do, but there is just something so timeless and elegant, yet totally up to snuff with modern demands and performance with Ruth Works SF bags.

I was luck enough to get some beers with Ely Rodriguez of Ruth Works at the 2014 Hand Made Beer and Bike show, and was impressed with the man as much as I am with his bags. I'm glad I was able to get his bags in stock for the 2015 Hand Made Bike and Beer fest.

I'm even luckier that he wanted to write a guest post about his philosophy of craftsmanship!


Play pretty



When I was performing during my conservatory days, my jazz trumpet professor, Craig, used to tell me before each gig, “play pretty”.



This was kind of counter-intuitive, because the foundation of my studies consisted of scales, classical etudes, more scales, jazz etudes, analysis, and more scales.  


After learning all the major and minor scales backwards and forwards (literally), I moved on to learning the modes backwards and forwards.

Then came the synthetic scales, which of course had all the corresponding modes as well. Don’t ask me what a Locrian Flat Five scale is, I’ll have a heart attack.

If you walked by the practice rooms at 2am, you could hear us banging out scales. None of it was pretty, it was monotonous and horrible on the ears.

So there I was getting on stage with a plan, a road map, and knowledge of what worked and what areas I could experiment with and where I could push the tonality.

Yet, through all of the scientific analysis and tonal onslaught, I was expected to produce something pretty to listen to.


Today  things are pretty much the same as it was back then.



Learn by doing.


Pay respect to the masters.

Push further.

Do something that you think is pretty.

Inspire others.


With luck and hard work, we will reach the last one.



Ely Rodriguez


Keep up with his work, or order yourself some custom bags: