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     We love the built to do one thing well, instead of several things poorly, no compromise custom bikes, but not the custom pricing. Don’t get me wrong, we’d love to get paid enough to not only make frame building sustainable, maybe even profitable. Heck we’d love to get rich doing what we love… but, that’s never going to happen. We really do want to get our nice bikes in as many people’s hands as possible. We love to make them as affordable as possible and still be able to pay rent, hence the small batch. Full custom bikes take soooooo much time to build, design, and especially plan with the customer.

Yet, we keep building very similar full custom bike over and over, because most of our custom customers want pretty much the same things out of a bike. Light, but not too much of a noodle, classic looking with standard sized tubes and simple traditional lugs, but able to fit 650b x 42mm tires and fenders correctly. So we designed that bike in a more sensible and affordable package. This saves us a lot of time by not having the same dozen or so conversations on every aspect of a build over and over again. It should save you time and a lot of money too. We’re not trying to make the most specialized single purpose bike, or the heaviest duty most brazed on bike. This is a true do all road bike, that’s never not enough without ever being annoyingly too much for most everything else.

The Klickitat is not a pared down ultra light race bike with the tightest geometry ever. Because it’s not meant to be the lightest fasted bike ever, just light and fast enough to fall in love with. It doesn’t have the thickest tubes and five thousand braze ons either, so it can be poorly overloaded and ride like a rock. It has just enough for thoughtful rando and light weekend camping set ups, as well as being a perfect everyday bike.

We want people to love their Klickitat! We want you to reach for your Klickitat 9 times out of 10 no matter how many bikes you have to choose from. And we sure as heck don’t want our customers to ever sell them! And, so far this is exactly what we've been hearing from Klickitat owners! We want you to get a great deal on an amazing bike from us, not on a used bike someone else decided to sell because it wasn’t all that awesome.

Klickitat small batch bikes are really only available as a pre-order. We will try to build extras when we can, but margins on custom and high end bikes are thin. We do several small batches per year. So if you miss this one it shouldn't be more than a few months till the next one. Put down your deposit now so you don't miss out!

We’ve been building Klickitats for over two years now, and many of them get a lot of daily use and adventuring with great reviews! See our Build Photos & Testimonials page for customers pics of their bikes and what they have to say about them.



The Norther Klickitat comes in size 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, and 60cm.

They are made with what we feel are the optimal lugs, drop outs, and standard sized tubes for traditional 22.2mm quill stems and 27.2 seat posts.


Top tube is 8.5.8 4130 cromo in 1in.

Down tube is 8.5.8 4130 cromo in 1 1/8th.

The seat tube is also standard sized 1 1/8 in 4130 cromo, but it’s .9.6 butted; the .9mm thickness is just for two to three inches down at the bb shell for optimal strength and stiffness at this high stress area, and weighs less than a few grams more than a .8.6 tube (.6 is the correct thickness of all seat tubes that take a 27.2 seat post).

The chain and seat stays are Columbus Cromor .8mm wall. These are our favorite stays, and we use them for almost everything, super light and stiff where you really need a bike to be stiff.

The fork uses Columbus Cromor fork blades, high quality 4130 1in threaded steer tube and the beautiful 1" Paris-Brest fork crown - 56mm inside width - Designed by Kirk Pacenti.

Get all the specific details on our Sizes, Geometry & Colors page.



The price is be $2,250 + shipping and handling (add $950 for optional matching Custom handle bar bag and detachable low-rider racks.

Base deposit is a minimum $500. This reserves your spot in the next batch.

You may pay the rest at your leisure. This means you can pay it all off with your deposit, make a few random lump payments or pay a little bit every pay check till it's paid off. All bikes must be paid off before they ship, and preferably within 30 days of completion. (We have a batch updates page and update it several times during each batch.

Full builds could take a little bit longer, and will require further deposits to get your parts ordered and wheels built. 

We strongly prefer checks. Please make your check out to Norther Cycles and send it to us here at:

Norther Cycles 5515 N Albina Ave Portland OR 97217

Please include your size and color and let us know if you want the optional matching racks, and if you want just the frame set or if you plan on having us do the full build.

If you are interested in this bike but it just isn't quite what you want we do offer full custom bikes to your specks and size with a very short wait.

If it’s going to be plastic instead of paper we do have a link to pay through the website:

Click here to go to our Klickitat Payments page to put down your deposit!

Full build kits are available as well as just frame and fork sets (and optional rack sets). We will also build the bike with whatever available/compatible group you like.