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*all prices are for labor only, cost of parts is additional.

Estimates, opinions and unsolicited advice are always free!

*While there is no obligation to have the suggested services done we strongly recommend it for best functioning and most attractive results!

*All of our work comes with a 30 day warranty and any adjustments during this time are always free!



Most Requested Services:

Up righting your bike:

*One of our most popular services! We remove your old handlebars, stem, brake levers, grips, and cable system. Then we install a new upright handlebar, stem, brake levers, grips, shifters, and cables/housing.


*We strongly recommend replacing any worn parts, or just having a tune up with this service.


Check Up/Mini Tune Up:

*This is what many shops refer to as a tune up, we don't think this is the case.

*Mini tune ups are a “peace of mind service” for low miles, or low miles since the last tune up, bikes in good shape that just need a minor bit of lubing and adjusting before starting the riding season. We will spend up to an hour going over your bike making sure everything is tight and adjusted correctly to make your bike function as best it can.

Checkups are $60


Tune ups:

*Tune ups are fully comprehensive services that include servicing all systems: lube, grease, and adjust all serviceable bearings, braking and shifting systems, safety check, and thorough testing to make sure you bike works as well as possible and won’t prematurely wear. Replacing worn parts, or installing accessories can have an additional labor charge, usually at a discounted rate of up to half off our a la cart prices.

$100(single speeds). 

$155 (geared bikes).


Full overhauls:

*The goal of this service is to return your bike to “like new” condition.

*Overhauls include: stripping the bike to the frame, cleaning the frame and fork, cleaning/adjusting and/or replacing all drivetrain parts, overhauling or replacing all the bearing systems, adding all new cables and housing and brake pads. Essentially making your bike like new!

$225 (single-speeds).

$325 (geared bikes).

*This would be a great time to get a fresh color coat and getting some frame modifications done!  See our sections on custom modifications/addition of braze-ons for pricing. See additional costs related to powder coating/painting below.


Full overhaul with paint/powder coat prep:

jims bike 002.JPG

$299 (single speeds). 

$399 (geared bikes).

*Includes full overhaul, listed above, and full paint clean up package, listed below.

*Customer is responsible for transportation to and from the painter/powder coater, and all associated costs.  For powder coating we recommend:

Forever Powder Coating 

 We can pack and ship the parts that need to coated through Bike Flights

Full paint clean up package: $120 (frame prep).

*Prior to assembling your bike, paint must be removed from any threads and press fit surfaces.  Service Includes reaming, facing and chasing all surfaces of your frame to ensure proper assembly. Highly recommended on all rebuilds/overhauls, mandatory for freshly powder-coated, or painted bikes.

A la carte frame prep:


$65 Ream and face head tube to ISO.

$45 Cut crown race to ISO (26.4).

$100 package deal on above two services together.

$75 Chase and face bottom bracket threads.

$55 Ream and or hone seat tube. (27.2)

$65 Chase steerer threads.

$45 Cut new steerer threads, (first inch, $25 each additional inch).


Stripping a bike to the bare frame for paint:


*This does not include frame prep or assembly after paint.


Build a bike up from a bare frame:

*Same as an overhaul.

$225 (single-speeds).

$325 (geared bikes).


Assembling a bike in a box:

*New in the box bikes don't come assembled correctly, often missing grease and with the bearings out of adjustment. This causes premature failure. Bikes in the box need full tune ups! When you buy a bike from a shop this has already been done and that price is factored in. Buying bikes online only seems like a good deal, but the savings come at your expense. We don’t ever recommend buying bikes online.

$120 to slap it together as is from box with no warranty.(not recommended).

$225 fully gone through to make it as good as possible (single-speeds).

$325 fully gone through to make it as good as possible (geared bikes).


Frame alignment:

$55 Align fork (not attached to frame)

$100 Align fork (remove and reinstall in bike).

$75+ Align and re-space a bare frame (additional charge to strip and rebuild a frame, see overhaul pricing).

$35+ Align dropouts, per pair.

$20 Align derailleur hanger.


A la carte repair and installation:



Flat fix: $12 (+new tube).

$10 Installation of a new tire, tube, or front wheel (includes swapping tire).

$15 Installation rear wheel (includes swapping gear cluster and tube/tire).

$35 Wheel true/replace spoke.

*For wheel building pricing please see Stoic Wheels Pricing.


If it spins, it has bearings!


$45 Any single bearing assembly.

*Overhauls include opening up your bearing system, cleaning all surfaces that come into contact with the bearings, repacking the system with grease and replacing all the bearing adjusted correctly.


Replacing bearing systems:

$35+ Bottom bracket.

$55 Headsets.

$55 Hubs.

*Replacing a bearing system means removing the dead part from your bike completely and replacing it with a new part.


Minor adjustments:

$20 Lube and adjust front hub, or headset.

$30 Lube and adjust rear hub, or bottom bracket.

*Bearing systems need to be perfectly adjusted, if they are out of adjustment the bearings can grind into the races essentially destroying the nice smooth surface they are trying to spin on and causing lots of friction.


Brake systems:

$20 Lube and adjust single brake system.

$25 Install single set of brake pads. (Includes lubing and adjusting the system).

$35 Replace/install a single cable/housing system.

$45 Install a single lever or caliper plus cable/housing.


Shifting systems:

$20 Lube and adjust single shifting system.

$35 Install a single cable/housing system.

$45 Install a new single shifter or derailleur plus cable/housing.


Installing parts:

$5 Pedals, grips, seat, other small parts.

$12 Gear cluster, chain, seatpost.

$20 Cork handlebar tape.

$120 Cloth bar tape with twine and 6 coats of Shellac. 

$30 Stem, handlebars, brake lever hoods, crank set, chainring.


Installing accessories:

$5 Locks, bells, bottle cages, cup holders.

$15 Lift off baskets, kick stand.

$35 Front/rear racks, bolt on baskets, plastic fenders.

$65 V/O fenders.

$100 Honjo fenders.

$50+ Generator light/wire/lighting.