Pre Order/ Payment Norther Lyon Rando Frame Set


Pre Order/ Payment Norther Lyon Rando Frame Set

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This is the pre order page for the Jeff Lyon Norther Cycles Collaboration: Norther Lyon!

The current batch Jeff is about to start is 54 cm and there is one spots left. The next batch will be 52 cm and there are two spots left. Then 56cm.

We’d strongly prefer is you just wrote us a check instead of using this page, if at all possible. Checks can be made out Norther Cycles 5515 N Albina Ave Portland OR 97217

Add ons like the headsets and pumps are available to add into your cart in our ‘Shop’ section!

Check out our page on the Norther Lyon for all the details!

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Norther Lyon frame set. Small batch frame and fork fillet brazed by Jeff Lyon with braze ons and bridges, and frame prep by us. 

Chose from available sizes and color options.