Helavna Cycles Autumn Show Bike

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2016-05-01 14.34.20.jpg
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Helavna Cycles Autumn Show Bike

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What the builder, Koushou Kinugawa has to say about his work of art:

"About Helavna Project model: There are many ways to ride and various styles. I hope most people will imagine Road Bike-fast and light though, there's also other kind and able to Commute, Tour, Gravel etc.After lost of my leg function to walk well, run and jump, Bicycle is a big deal for me. It helped me out to communicate and meeting a lot of people outside of my door, friends and wife so I could say it's part of my life.

How was it named:The bike was completed in autumn. I decide colors from inspirations; season, views where I went-city, park, nature and dreams when sleeping or just popped out. The project started from saddle bag, it was purchased for personal use for my road bike but I noticed hitting my hip when pedaling but I found out how to solve. It needs a different frame geometry and the answer was already existed on old English bicycle, I noticed later the saddlebag was made in England and frame design around 1920s were made to fit. I knew following the traditional frame design goes well, just wanted to add some specials from my skill, and update becoming a little bit modern through building process. 

Stem:Usually flat bar comes closer than drop bar, I felt too close, lower position and decreasing front load on wheel. So designed in extra long top tube with handmade stem of 130mm length and rise 18d."

Stand over:

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