Semi Custom Pricing

Jame's with his Semi Custom 650b modified old Raleigh!

Jame's with his Semi Custom 650b modified old Raleigh!

We can Customize your bike! This can mean anything from swapping some parts and accessories out to make the bike look way cooler, and fit you much better. Or it can mean changing the wheel size and braze ons of the frame, like converting an old 27 inch wheel touring bike into s sweet 650b rando bike! Frame modifications, help with new color and add sweet exiting racks from Nitto, Compass, Velo-Orange, Soma, or perfect hand made custom racks that do everything you want perfectly!

Luke's Semi Custom 650b rando!

Luke's Semi Custom 650b rando!

Braze ons for your existing bike:

$60 Water bottle bosses, per pair

$75 Rack mounts, per pair

$25 Cable stop/guides, per each

$125 Cantilever brake mounts, per pair

$175 Hard mount studs for center pull brakes, per pair

$65 Chain slap guard

$150 Internal wiring, in front fork, for hub dynamo

$50 Internal wiring for rear dynamo light

$150 Internal wiring for brake housing

$65 Down tube shifter bosses, per pair

$65 Eyelets on dropouts, per pair

$35 Pump peg

$25 Seat stay chain hanger

$75 Bottom bracket cable guides, underneath

$25 Drill and tap bottom bracket for plastic cable guide

$145 Replace bridge

$125 Replace derailleur hanger

$450 Install track ends

*$100 minimum

*$20 extra per braze on if you haven’t had your paint removed first. Any bike that's going to get more than one or two modifications will need to have the paint stripped first as we don't like breathing burning paint smoke. There are many strippers that charge about $30 to strip the whole frame.

*Addition labor will be charged if I have to remove, and or install any components/accessories in order to make repairs/modifications. $50 labor to strip the whole bike down to bare frame for mods and color.

Labor for rebuilding your bike back up after mods and new color (includes stripping the bike for mods):

Full overhaul with paint/powder coat prep:

$299 (single speeds). 

$399 (geared bikes).

*Includes full overhaul, and full paint clean up package, listed described in our labor menu.

*Labor only, you still have to pay for any replacement parts and accessories.

Other services available, please contact us for a quote.

*Prices do not reflect cost of repainting your frame. There will be an additional charge for removing/reinstalling components. We only work on steel bicycle frames. And we will generally not perform work upon frames that have been chromed. 


All work has a handshake warranty. This means I will fix anything that goes wrong due to my workmanship for a reasonable amount of time tbd by me. Customer satisfaction is paramount and I will do what it takes to keep you happy and keep you as a customer. We’ve yet to ever have a single issue with our frame building work failing, but things happen and all builders have had to repair something in their career. Mechanical work on the other hand is a balancing act. Things come out of adjustment, cables stretch a tiny bit and shifting stops working. It happens once in a while and I will do little adjustments whenever needed for free for at least thirty-ish days. After that standard rates off our labor menu apply.

Kerry with his repaired and modified semi custom touring bike.

Kerry with his repaired and modified semi custom touring bike.