Semi-Custom Bicycle Questionnaire

A Semi-Custom Bicycle is a way to get you on a rad bike without breaking the bank. Instead of building you a frame from scratch in our work shop we find an already available production frame and modify it and build it out to suit your needs and preferences. We are constrained some what by the physical realities of the the existing bike's geometry and size.

We can do this with a vintage bike you already have and love, or help you find a classic or new frame that will meet your specifications. Sometimes this can be as easy as ordering a complete bike, stripping it down and getting painted your dream color and building it back up with all or most of the stock parts. Sometimes this can be as complicated as taking a vintage touring bike made for 27in wheels and changing all the braze ons, and every part for it to become a modern 650B rando machine! 

Either way, we don't mind. We love bike, be it building them, restoring them, modifying them or just making them fit you and your sense of style a little better by swapping out a few parts.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. The purpose of doing this is to you thinking about what you want in a new bike, what you want it to do and where you want it to take you.  This way we can work with you to put together a close to perfect bike for your needs. As you’re going through this sometimes the answers will come fast and easy to you, and other times you might not have an answer at all. Only fill out as much as you can and we’ll help you work through the rest.

Name *
What is your price range for a new bike. *
What do you plan to use the bike for? (Select all that apply.) *
What do you plan to use the bike for? (Select all that apply.)
Transportation- Your bike is your other (or only) car. You use it to get to work, the grocery store, the movies…. Your bike needs to be able to take you and whatever you’re carrying wherever you want to go.
Club and Road Riding- It’s just you and the bike for the sake of the ride. This usually involves some Lycra.
VIP Hauling- You have precious cargo that you like to take along for the ride. Perhaps it’s a child, it could be your pet, or maybe it’s a box filled with 50 new jerseys for your team.
Cruisin’- You hop on your bike to head to the waterfront on a sunny day, or to your favorite restaurant for brunch, or out for a night on the town. You don’t ride everywhere, but it sure is a nice way to get around from time to time.
Bike Camping/Light Touring- It’s one of those precious Portland summer weekends and you want to get out of town. You pack up your bike with a tent, a couple of panniers filled with your favorite campfire foods and a change of clothes, and ride off into the sunset. And then get back to town by Monday morning to get back to work.
Fully Loaded Touring- You’re heading across the country (or the world!) with packs carrying 60lb+ of everything you’ll need.
*this becomes very important as many new and vintage bikes just don't have room for fenders even if they claim to.
Which handlebar type do you prefer?
What factors are most important to you for your new bike? Rank Them- 1= Most Important, 5 = Least Important
What factors are most important to you for your new bike? Rank Them- 1= Most Important, 5 = Least Important
Fit/Comfort- I want a bike that fits my body.
Speed- I’m a speed demon. I need a bike that can keep up.
Weight- The lighter the better.
Versatility- I’m not looking for a one trick pony.
Aesthetic- I’ve got style. My bike should too.