Custom Work Pricing


What we do:

Build custom bicycle frames, forks, racks, and stems from 4130 special tubing.

We also modify vintage high end and other builders’ handmade bikes.

What we do not do:

Free or discount work

Drop what we're doing to do something for you on the spot

Save you money at our expense

Base our prices on the cost of your bike, income, or what you want to spend

Work on carbon, aluminum or, low end bikes, or anything with a motor “E” or otherwise

Mess with bikes with internal hubs

Build or modify for the latest greatest new fad or “standards”

Magically make bent, scruffy, mismatched or worn out used parts work

Turn your bike into a Rene Herse or Alex Singer

Anything wing nut or dangerous

Let you treat our valuable work time like a message board or Google search (we know this is your hobby and you love it, we do too, but we’re at work)

Care what the internet, or a buddy said is “legit/will work fine/totally compatible”

Entertain any conversations about anything other than work you want, and are ready for, us to do to your bike

Repair bikes that are/have been neglected

*We also don’t currently practice black magic and can’t make your bike do something it wasn’t meant to do (unless we can, Please ask, don’t tell/demand).

*We don’t discriminate based on any immutable characteristics, but we do against rude or entitled people, and  yelpers.

*If we don’t want to work on your bike it doesn’t mean you’re not a lovely person, it’s just not a project we want to work on. It’s not you, it’s us.


Hand-crafted, custom frame built with premium Columbus tubing.

*Proven seat and head tube angles for the application, and custom sizing to fit your proportions.

*Fender eyelets, rack mounts, pump peg, water bottle mounts, shifter bosses, cable guides, and brake mounts. *Extra braze ons, and hand carved or vintage lugs available.

*Complete build kits and service available and preferred! Bikes come out better if we make sure all the components will fit the frame, and intended use and vice versa.




Custom Frames:

Simple road or track $2,500 (no fork)

Touring or city $3,000 (includes fork, standard braze ons.

650b Randonneur $3,250 (includes fork, standard braze ons)

*Dynamo wiring, Conectorless SL dynamo wiring, custom hand carved lugs, custom tubing selection, Paul or Compass brakes studs, Compass tail light, Chain slap and other unusual or specialty features are extra

*Upgrade frame/fork for Connector-less Sl dynamo with internal wire routing +$299+conectors

*Upgrade frame/fork with internal wire routing for standard dynamo hub +$199 (Compass or fender mount tail light)

*Upgrade frame/fork from canti bosses to hard mount studs for Mafac or Compass center-pull +$199

*All prices are for raw/bare metal, chrome and paint are extra unless otherwise noted. We recommend Color Works Bike Painting, (he's great and best of all he picks up and drops off!), but can send our Norther Art files and Head badge to a Painter or Powder Coater of Choice. We recommend and have had good luck with Color Works.

*We have a Chrome plating place we use for racks. Batches are typically $400 (if you can wait for more people's stuff to pile up you can often split the cost of  polishing and chroming. If you take it in yourself it is usually cheaper too). You can have your racks powder coated too, but it looks tacky in most cases. Silver powder coat makes us cringe!!!

Extra Custom work:

Custom Forks:

Simple road or track $450

Touring/City/randonneur with cantilever bosses and rack mounts $575

Low trail disk fork $675

*Upgrade fork for Connector-less Sl dynamo with internal wire routing +$255+conectors

*Upgrade fork with internal wire routing for standard dynamo hub +$150

*Upgrade from canti bosses to hard mount studs for Mafac or Compass center-pull +$100



Custom Racks:

Front handlebar bag rack: $499+

Front rack+detachable low-riders for panniers: $999, or $1,199 "mule" style

Demi Porter front rack: $599+

Demi Porter front rack with detachable low-riders for panniers: $1,299+

"Mule" style detachable low-riders for panniers: $699+

Custom porter rack: $799+

Rear rack: $599+

*wiring guides, custom shapes, fences and features are extra

*All prices are for raw/bare metal, chrome and/or powder coating are extra

*We have a Chrome plating place we use for racks. Batches are typically $400. Crrently we do not powder coat, nor are we willing to get things powder coated for customers. You'll have to source that locally. But, we're working on it!


Custom Decaleur:

Stem mount decaleur: $340+

Steer tube mount $399+


Custom Stem:

Custom quill stem: $ 300+

Custom threadless stem: $ 350+


Braze ons for your existing bike:

$60 Water bottle bosses (pair)

$75 Rack mounts (pair)

$35 Cable stop/guides (each)

$125 Cantilever brake mounts (pair)

$200 Rear disk tab and brace

$175 Hard mount studs for center pull brakes (per wheel)

$75 Chain slap guard

$150 Internal wiring, in front fork, for hub dynamo

$75 External wiring guides, for hub dynamo (per item (frame/fork/rack))

$75 Internal wiring for Compass dynamo tail light

$50 Internal frame wiring for rear fender mounted dynamo light

$150 Internal wiring for brake housing (through top tube)

$65 Down tube shifter bosses (pair)

$65 Eyelets on dropouts (pair)

$35 Seat stay mounted pump peg (each)

$25 Head tube pump peg

$25 Seat stay chain hanger

$75 Bottom bracket cable guides, underneath

$25 Drill and tap bottom bracket for plastic cable guide

$145 Replace/install bridge

$125 Replace derailleur hanger

$250 Install drop out (single)

$450 Install drop outs (pair)


*$100 minimum

*$25 extra per braze on if you haven’t had your paint removed first, minimum $100. We strongly recommend having your paint stripped professionally stripped. Most places only charge $40-ish bucks for this (just not worth your or our time).

*Addition labor will be charged if I have to remove, and or install any components/accessories in order to make repairs/modifications. Normal labor rates applied.


Full overhaul with paint/powder coat prep:

$299 (single speeds)

$399 (geared bikes)

*Components only, accessories are extra including fenders, lights, and racks. See repair and service labor menu for specific costs.


Just full paint/powder coat prep package:

$175 Includes everything needed to prep your frame to be built up, except cutting new steer tube threads, from the A la cart section below

*This is needed with most new frames, and all powder coated frames. Sometimes newly painted frames, or other used frames, (this is included with all our handmade frames).


A la carte frame prep:

$75 Ream and face head tube to ISO (standard 30.2)

$45 Cut crown race to ISO (standard 26.4)

$75 Chase and face bottom bracket threads (English only)

$55 Ream and or hone seat tube. (27.2 only)

$65 Chase steerer threads

$45 Cut new steerer threads, (first inch, $25 each additional inch)

$15 tap boss or eye threads (first one, $10 each additional)


Frame alignment:

$55 Align fork (not attached to frame)

$110 Align fork (remove and reinstall in bike)

$75+ Simple align and re-space rear triangle (bare frame only)

$35 Align dropouts (pair)

$25 Align rear derailleur hanger


Step by step ordering guide:

You let us know you want a frame, fork, repair, modification, rack, decaleur, or stem, and we talk about what you want. Email,, is best, but walking into the shop works well too.

If it’s something we would like to build and you survive the sticker shock of the estimate, and the reality of our time frame, you get to put down a non-refundable deposit, and get into our Que. This holds your spot and saves your price, and often orders your tubes, and little bits.

You wait for your turn, we’ve usually got some other jobs already lined up, and it takes time to build a frame-set, rack, or make repairs. During this process we will ask you to put up more payments as we work, and the project goes on. Unless you have already paid off the full amount.

When your turn comes, we talk again to make sure you still want the same things, have the same ideas about fit and style. Once we’re sure were on the same page we will get started, or if you want racks or mods we'll need your bike dropped off for two to eight weeks so we can do the work. Any changes past this point adds $200-$500 per change. Depending on how much time/work we have to scrap, undo, or re-do.

The work gets done, custom frames, forks, racks gets built and finished and  picked up or shiped off to paint, or chrome!

At this point you will pay any remaining balance. We don't do paint or chrome work and take no responsibility on the wait or quality of the painter or chromer you choose. We do have painters and chromers we work with and get good to excellent results from. 

At this point you either take possession, or it comes back to us for reaming, facing, assembly/installation. When it's done we let you know and You pay any remaining balance or shipping fees and get your bike, rack,  fork or what not!

All work has a handshake warranty. This means I will fix anything that goes wrong due to my workmanship for a reasonable amount of time tbd by me. Customer satisfaction is paramount and I will do what it takes to keep you happy and keep you as a customer. We’ve yet to ever have a single issue with our frame building work failing, but things happen and all builders have had to repair something in their career. Mechanical work on the other hand is a balancing act. Things come out of adjustment, cables stretch a tiny bit and shifting stops working perfectly. It happens once in a while and I will do little adjustments whenever needed for free for at least thirty days. After that standard rates off our labor menu apply.